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This website was created as a repository for 3D printable models for plant phenotyping. The aim is be a community resource for plant science related 3D printable models, to encourage 3D printing dissemination guidelines, and to provide greater exposure to such research. The repository website was released online before manuscript publication in order to populate the repository and identify needs of the community ahead of time.

Griffiths M (2020) A 3D Print Repository for Plant Phenomics. Plant Phenomics 2020: 8640215
Plant Phenomics Journal


The respository so far has been self-funded and developed by Marcus Griffiths, PhD.
Marcus is a Postdoctoral Fellow in root functional phenomics at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
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The website is released under MIT License. All content rights belong to the original authors with all model contributions reported on this site retaining their original licences. 3D model files are hosted by the contributor and are accredited accordingly.

Data storage

For model authors to maintain ownership and ability to update their models, authors will be encouraged to host their own files on a citable data storage site with version control, such as:
- Zenodo
- Dryad
- Github

3D rendering of models on this website uses the Sketchfab API and hosting
Website source code & hosting is on Github