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Each model listing includes the following:
- 3D model file in a standard format (eg .STL or .OBJ)
- Model category information (Phenotyping tool | Growth system | Modelling/analysis verification | Outreach)
- (y/n) Whether the model is ideal for 3D printing in current form
- (y/n) Is this model a fork (edited version) of an exisiting model (if so provide original doi)
- A short description of the model (<150 words)
- Licence information

And if applicable
- Associated manuscript DOI to cite
- An "in action" image of the printed model

Where to host your 3D model files for users to download (Preferably with DOI and version control) examples include:
- Zenodo
- Dryad
- Github

Where to host your 3D model for 3D visualization on this website (optional). We can do this for you:
- Sketchfab