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3D print tools for plant phenotyping

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The Thermal Imager is a simple linear robot designed to position a thermal camera (FLIR A35 (60 Hz)) over the canopies of plants grown in trays or pots on a standard controlled environment room shelf Stuart Bagley Plant thermal imager carriage .STL

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Stuart Bagley
Plate Imager is designed for the automated high-throughput imaging of plate-grown plants Stuart Bagley Plant plate imager carriage .STL

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Stuart Bagley
Root anatomy mold 3d print Jon Atkinson Plant root sectioning holder .STL

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Jonathan A Atkinson
Chlorophyll fluorescence imager Lorna McAusland

Chlorophyll fluorescence imager .STL

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Lorna McAusland
EnRoot 3D-printable minirhizotron Marie Arnaud

EnRoot 3D-printable minirhizotron .STL

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Marie Arnaud
Vacuum seed sowing manifold Richard Barker

Vacuum seed sowing manifold .STL

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Richard Barker
Petridish adapter xy Kaori Sakai

Petridish adapter xy microscope .STL

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Kaori Sakai
Hyperscanner Max R Lien

HyperScanner hyperspectral reflectance-based imaging system .STL

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Max R Lien

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