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Pollen from False Barley (Hordeum murinum, Poaceae) confocal microscopy z-stacks

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Pollen from false barley (Hordeum murinum, Poaceae). This pollen type is typical of the grass family - pollen from giant bamboos looks extremely similar to pollen from lawn grass. Grass pollen starts off as a rough sphere but often becomes folded or crumpled with time. Technical description of Hordeum murinum pollen, from PalDat (Tweraser & Loos, 2016): medium-sized heteropolar monads, spheroidal or irregular, circular or irregular in polar view, ulcerate/monoporate with annulus, with areolate/microechinate/perforate exine.

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Pollen 3D prints confocal microscopy z-stacks Oliver Wilson


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